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1. Possibly, the phrase "type 1 diabetes is curable" on some persons could be something provocative. That is full intention!
For me the statement "diabetes type 1 is incurable" is at least as provocative. Especially if it comes from the mouth or from the pen of doctors or journalists. Because it is not proven and contains a medical dogma. If this disease can not be cured with current conventional medical methods, but only "treated", it does not mean that it is incurable.
Some journalists are more accurate and write "... is not curable with current methods." This raises the question: how is "curable" or "cured" defined? Is it
1. the absence of insulin duty?
2. Normal blood glucose levels?
3. No antibodies?
The first two points are already achievable with commonly used methods (see tab "procedures") for newly diagnosed Type 1 LADA (I will also verify point 3).
So even this phrase is imprecise.
Most importantly, if you take it for true, you don't think in other directions and don't try anything.
"Type 1 diabetes is incurable" can't be proven. And "Type 1 diabetes is curable" neither.
Why then does the second statement provokes so much more? In addition to the medical dogma, should an entire industry have an interest in "treating" this disease and not heal it? You do not know, you can only guess.

2. In medicine, autoimmune diseases are not called "healed" but "in remission". For me as a patient remission means as much as healed or cured, there is no noticeable difference. Or maybe that: that as an in-remission, I may be a bit worried about a resurgence of the disease. That's why it's good to talk about healing rather than remission.
And also for the psychic part of the healing process the formulation that I "heal" is much more effective than "I am or remain in remission". Remission in this case would be something static, but a healing process is dynamic and the reversion of an autoimmune process can take YEARS. In my opinion, the healing process involves not only stopping the autoimmune reaction, but also the regeneration of the immune system and the restoration of destroyed cells.

In this sense here the good news and Antidote to a medical dogma:
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