Bioidentical progesterone against diabetes type 1 - Diabetes Type 1 is curable!

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Correct progesterone deficiency
Due to the hormonal IUD (10 years) my progesterone level was like I said in the basement.
Various attempts with nature-identical progesterone in the following 5 years failed because my progesterone receptors were obviously still occupied by the synthetic progesterone (gestagen). Therefore, I could not metabolize the progesterone and turned it into estrogen. This reinforced my already existing estrogen dominance.
Only after these 5 years did I succeed in raising the level slowly but surely by means of homeopathic progesterone cream (D4). But even then I had to be careful with the dosage. Tipping over into estrogen can happen here as well.
In between, I also drank mantle tea for months, which was also good for my progesterone level.
You only have to worry about progesterone if you suspect a deficiency.
This is often the case with synthetic hormones such as the pill, hormonal IUD, etc., but also naturally during menopause.
The connection to the autoimmune reaction can be found here
First of all, you need a hormone status.
This can be done in the blood (progesterone on the 21st / 22nd cycle day and estrogen on the 4th cycle day)
or in saliva.
Non-medical practitioners can accompany a therapy with bioidentical progesterone. However, only doctors can issue prescriptions. An alternative is a homeopathic progesterone cream that is freely available commercially.
Other remedies to stimulate the progesterone include chaste tree and mantle tea.
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