Vitamine D against diabetes type 1 - Diabetes Type 1 is curable!

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Remedy vitamin D deficiency
So I approached the topic in February 2018, means 9 months after the diagnosis. And I wish I had done it earlier! The effect on my blood sugar management was ENORMOUS, although initially I took only 10.000 IU daily. I became much more robust, could metabolize the carbohydrates much faster.

From April 2018 until Sptember 2019 , I 've been following the so-called Coimbra Protocol, a physician-supervised vitamin D high-dose therapy.
Here is my report.
Get measured your vitamin D levels and replenish vigorously. A daily dose of 10.000 IU is completely unproblematic.
Magnesium is absolutely essential for vitamin D, more information is available in the section "Micronutrients".
Since the beginning of 2015, I had brought my vitamin D to a healthy level of 60-80 ng / ml. And today I suspect that my diabetes 2017 then through this level much gentler "broke out" than in many other people. I only had elevated blood sugar levels (below 300 ng / dl) and antibodies, but no derailment and no ketoacidosis.
Although it was clear to me from the beginning that vitamin D is important for the blood sugar balance - this is also confirmed by numerous studies - but I did not draw the conclusion yet. I let my value go down even over the summer of 2017, because I had such a lack of magnesium due to low magnesium diet. And with vitamin D replenishment, magnesium is used up again enormously.
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