low carb nutrition in diabetes type 1 - Diabetes Type 1 is curable!

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During my diabetes nutrition training, I was a little perplexed:

For meals with only meat, vegetables or dairy products you don't need to inject insulin, they said.
So in the days after I started insulin duty, I only ate these foods because I did not like to inject on every meal. The evening long-term insulin injections were bad enough. Always to fall asleep with the fear of the morning under sugar.
So I started intuitively with a  ketogenic diet.
After a few days, my body didn't want insulin anymore. Even with small doses of long-term insulin in the evening I shot myself into dangerous hypoglycemia. Stop!
In consultation with the diabetes assistant, I discontinued insulin.

I found out that different types of vegetables have different carbohydrate content and juggled with it. Carrots and onions e.g. have many carbohydrates.
I only ate 30g carbohydrates and only during the day when I could metabolize them.
In addition, I discarded wheat and cow's milk protein (cow milk dairy products) because I suspect them as a co-initiator of the autoimmune reaction.
Rule of thumb: only eat as much carbohydrates as can be metabolized afterwards, then the blood sugar doesn't go up that high.
To saturate you need fats. Butter (which is no milk product, but a fat), good oils, cheese (goat, sheep's cheese), meat.
The transition to the ketogenic diet can also be gradual: first low carb (50-70g ch) and then ketogen.
More info: just googling "ketogenic diet".
The other part of the rule of thumb:
exercise so much that the consumed carbohydrates are metabolized a few hours later.
I am jogging, do gymnastics and walking (walking without poles).
And I take the stairs instead of the escalator.
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