wheat and cow milk intolerance as trigger for diabetes type 1 - Diabetes Type 1 is curable!

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Wheat and cow's milk intolerance
Wheat I have always taken badly and avoided it for many years largely.

Cow's milk was unfortunately the "mineral water" in my childhood. It was the only available drinkable liquid. Milk is a food and not a drink!
Obviously, it can happen that the immune system reacts to a certain protein (polypeptide) in wheat and recognizes it as hostile and fights it.
This false immune reaction leads to inflammatory processes in the intestine, which are suspected to be co-agents of autoimmune reactions.

Cow's milk
A link between childhood cow's consumption and the risk of type 1 diabetes has been identified in several studies. This 2017 metastudy summarizes the state of research.
There is also mentioned that only the cow's milk protein, so the A1-casein is a risk factor and not the A2-casein (sheep and goat's milk).
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