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using earthing/grounding
Earthing or grounding means nothing else than being in contact with the earth with the pure skin. For example, barefoot in a meadow, but also when bathing in a natural lake or sea.
Free radicals in the body that can cause cell damage are positively charged and the earth's electrons are negatively charged. So when the negatively charged electrons of the earth are transferred to the body, they combine with the positively charged ions of the free radicals and render them harmless.
This effect explains why grounding can reduce inflammation in the body, as has already been proven in studies.
With regard to autoimmune reactions, it stands to reason that this effect can also contribute to the decay of the autoimmune reaction, because an autoimmune process is always also an inflammatory process.
In addition to this effect, studies have also shown the following effects of grounding:
  • Improvement of muscle regeneration after intense exercise
  • Pain reduction
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Improvement of the flow properties of the blood
  • Improving vaginal tone in premature babies
  • Reduction of electrical body voltage during exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Reduction of the cortisol level
  • Improved wound healing

Grounding through the socket:
If the weather is too cold to go barefoot on the meadow, you can also make contact with this earth electricity at home.
"Earthing helpers" specially designed for this purpose work like this:
Using an alligator clip or a specially designed plug, the "earth" of the socket is "tapped" (not the electricity!). An insulated cable is then connected to either a "ground sheet" (a sheet with silver thread), a "ground mat" or a "ground bracelet".
Incidentally, the studies were also carried out with these "earthing helpers", so that a repeatable type of earthing could be guaranteed.

Further information:
Film "The earthing movie"
Film "The grounded"
If the weather permits, try to make contact with the earth as often as possible, preferably by walking barefoot.
Use the night time to relax to also be grounded and to strengthen the regeneration and healing process.
My experience with grounding

In spring 2019 I came across the topic and got myself a grounding mat, later a sheet and bracelet.
My sleep immediately became deeper and more restful, and I also needed less sleep.
As soon as the weather got warmer, I was walking barefoot on meadows a lot. That was even more intense, especially since there was exercise and fresh air.
In my estimation, grounding goes a long way in my healing process.
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