Micronutrition against diabetes type 1 - Diabetes Type 1 is curable!

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Vitamin B12
Due to the disturbed immune system, the uptake of B12 in the intestine is often reduced.
determine the value as holo-TC (stored value) in the blood and then fill it up with syringes (hydroxocobalamin) or high-dose tablets (5000 mcg daily)
Coenzyme Q10
hypoglycemic, antioxidant
high-dose Q10, 100 mg 1-2 times daily
Chromium as Piccolinate 200 μg daily
Allow selenium to be determined in the blood and top up with 200 μg if necessary
important for the blood sugar metabolism
Determine the value in the blood and top up with 30 mg daily if necessary
These micronutrients support the blood sugar management,
act as antioxidants (protection against free radicals) or anti-inflammatory (the autoimmune process is also an inflammatory process)
is extremely important for the metabolism, especially for the sugar metabolism.
500-800 mg daily, especially when replenishing vitamin D - then possibly supplement with magnesium footbaths.
best oral form: trimagnesium dicitrate one or two capsule every 4 hours (80-150 mg),
additionally magnesium glycinate and magnesium malate
Omega-3 fatty acids
anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Fish oil capsules with a high content of EPA and DHA, together should reach 3g of these two values
Vitamin B1 and alpha-lipoic acid
Obviously, vitamin B1 and alpha lipoic acid are needed to channel sugar into the cell. German Mitochondrial specialist dr. Kuklinski explains this in this lecture from minute 12'50.
He then explains in this section of the lecture (from the beginning) how, with just these two micronutrients, he got a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic off insulin in a matter of months. He prescribed 2 x 300 mg B1 and 100 mg alpha lipoic acid. In the further lecture he explains that B1 can be dosed without problems up to 2 g in order to support this process.
Surely, such a high B1 dosage makes sense in diabetics, as in type 1 diabetics, urinary excretion is increased 24-fold, as explained in this lecture (from 8'30 onwards).
take high-dose vitamin B1 up to 2 g in combination with alpha-lipoic acid (100 mg).

B vitamins are very important for sugar metabolism
high-dose vitamin B complex
Including turmeric and cinnamon in your daily nutrition also makes sense.
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