High dose vitamin D therapy against diabetes type 1 - Diabetes Type 1 is curable!

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I started the Coimbra Protocol in April 2018 and brief you about the progress.
The start is delayed a bit, because my gut is just not right.
It starts!
I start with a dose of 60.000 IU of vitamin D. Added to this is magnesium, vitamin B2 and vitamin B complex.
The other supplements I take piece by piece to check if I tolerate them. Because a few weeks ago, I had not tolerated various supplements well and got intestinal problems.
Already on the first day I notice how positively the high-dose vitamin D affects my blood sugar rating. I need more carbohydrates than usual!
And I could tear out TREES, that's how much energy I have!
For the first time a blood sugar sober value of
98 mg / dl !!!
I lower my dose of vitamin D from 60,000 IU to 30,000 IU. I can not keep up with the magnesium. The processing of high doses of vitamin D requires a lot of magnesium, as much I do not get taken without diarrhea. And since magnesium is also important for the sugar metabolism, I try to balance that now optimally.
Obviously, my body does not want vitamin B2, so I'll leave that off now.
The Brazilian neurologist Prof. Dr. Coimbra has developed a high-dose vitamin D therapy for autoimmune diseases.
The background to his approach is the fact that in the countries around the equator the number of autoimmune diseases is much lower than in countries that are further away. The disease rate increases in proportion to the distance from the equator. Therefore, a connection with the vitamin D level is probable.
Dr. Coimbra found a vitamin D use disorder in autoimmune diseases. Therefore, the doses must be correspondingly higher, so that the vitamin D can be beneficial in the body.
The treatment successes are amazing! Over 90% of multiple sclerosis patients achieve a complete remission of the disease after about one year. Relapses remain, symptoms of illness regress, some of the damage (which occurred one year before the treatment) is reversible.
Since high doses of vitamin D (starting doses in the Coimbra-Protocol: 1.000 IU per kg body weight) require careful monitoring of renal and calcium levels, therapy should only be given in the company of a trained doctor.
More details about the protocol you can find in this lecture of Dr.Coimbra.
Further information under www.coimbraprotocol.com
Although I am a big fan of self-testing, I say: PLEASE DO NOT take SUCH high doses of Vitamin D without medical supervision! Your kidneys are too precious to risk by such an experiment!
Magnesium solution found!
I have tried for the first time magnesium chloride (oral), I get along well!
And so I can now start the vitamin D again up to the entry-level dose of 60,000 IU.
I take B2 in activated form, I tolerate that well.
Since I started the vitamin D again, I feel fine again (the intermittent shutdown had shaken me pretty well).
The intestine rumbles again and again. I interpret that as a regeneration phenomenon. Finally, my immune system is completely renewed, and the immune system is domiciled in the intestine.
Finally found an explanation for my intestinal problems: exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), means that my pancreas produces too few digestive enzymes. I now take it in the form of porcine pancreatic enzymes. I already feel better.
Because of the EPI I lose many vitamins and minerals, so I have to reload vigorously.
New blood result: Long-term blood sugar remains stable at 6%.
Urine examination shows that my kidneys are good at removing the increased calcium. Great kidneys!
New blood results show the success of the Coimbra protocol!
All diabetes relevant values ​​have improved!
HbA1c (long-term blood sugar) dropped to 5.9% (previously 6%).
C-peptide value increased to 1.3 ng / ml (previously 1.0 ng / ml), which means an increased performance of my pancreas.
The two antibody levels measured (GAD and IAK) have dropped! GAD to 443, IAK to 529. Both values ​​are the lowest since the diagnosis.
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